Hauling 3 kids in the albatros or tail of the first Cargone protoype


Sébastien’s dive into the world of longtail cargo bikes started when he stumbled upon something exciting in a cycling blog one morning: a cargo bike.

Hooked by the idea, he quickly got his very own cargo bike by the afternoon.

After riding and racing various exotic bikes of all types, Sébastien discovered that this unassuming cargo bike provided the most fun he’d had on two wheels in a long while. 

But what truly stood out was the sheer joy the kids experienced in the back of the bike and the satisfaction of self-propelling a grocery-getter!

Side view of the Cargone longtail prototype in 2011



A lot of fun and experimenting later, it became clear to the engineer that this longtail bike had major design flaws that warranted a redesign from scratch. 

The first Cargone was designed in 2011, long before 20” wheels became the gold standard on longtail cargo bikes.  

It still serves as an inspiration (and daily driver) for our design team today.